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Welcome to the Jay Jay the Jet Plane fanon Wikia!Edit

"Jay Jay is love, Jay Jay is life." -The Internet

This is for all your (Very, very derpy) OCs, Fanfics, and RPs all about Jay Jay the Jet Plane! Have Emense Fun!

Currently being supervised by Project JayJay.

How this wiki was created!Edit

This wiki was created when TheJayJaySquad were derping around watching Jay Jay the Jet plane.

Just for fun! Edit

What's you favorite thing to do on this wiki?

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Admin/Major User Corner! Edit

If you have a problem, please ask and we will be happy to help!

About this wiki/Note to Newbies Edit

So far, this place is an abandoned wasteland. But we can get it up, right? This started out as a practical joke, so don't be surprised. To all new users, welcome! Get your friends too. The more people get, the more fun it will be!

First, try out some Fun & Games, like this to get started.

Also, you can take a look at some icons too!

Now rev your engines, and get ready to soar!

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